Established: 1943
when the County system started

Name Change: 1948
to Wester Bay of Plenty

Name Reverted Back: 5 August, 1957

Split: 4 December 1970
into Tauranga North, South & Western Tauranga

Reformed: 1 September 1975
from merging of Tauranga North & South

Issue: BOP 9a
Issue: BOP 9b
Issue: BOP 9c

Ribbon badge
White Background
Fold Lines

41mm wide

Issue: BOP 9d

Ribbon badge
White Background

45mm wide

Issue: BOP 9e

Ribbon Badge
Light Blue Background

51mm wide

Issue: BOP 9f

Ribbon Backed Badge
Medium Blue Background

50mm x 68mm

Issue: BOP 9g

Backed & Bound
Blue Border & Backgroun

53mm wide x 56mm high

Issue: BOP 9h

Backed & Bound Badge
Light Blue Background
Blue Border

50mm x 62mm